Hi Edwin,

> > You mean for database indexes?
> not just for indexes but for a composite primary key. i'm not sure tho
> if my head is right on this.

Yes. I'm using "key" and "index" for the same thing, I think.

In my mind, I distinguish between "objects" and "indexes" in the DB. The
objects are the payload data, and also have direct links between each
other (the +Link and +Joint relations).

To find a given object by some key, an "index" is used. These indexes
may be uniqe (the +Key relation) or non-unique (+Ref, +Idx etc.).

With +Aux, you can combine several indexes into a single one. Henrik
explained that in more detail.

> whack me with a clue stick anytime. :)

Surely no desire for that ;-)

- Alex
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