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> Hi Edwin,
>> > So if you just close the file descriptor, but don't remove it from the
>> > task list, you'll get a "Key conflict" error when the next time a new
>> > socket with that file descriptor number is assigned a 'task', or when
>> > the event handler processing '*Run' passes the closed file descriptor to
>> > select(2).
>> what's the reason for running it via (task) in the first place?
> A task is a piece of code to be run whenever a certain "event" happens.
> An "event" is either the expiry of a timer, or the arrival of data on a
> file descriptor. There may be several timers and many file descriptors
> where the process is expecting something to happen, so they are all put
> into a list in '*Run', and handled with I/O Multiplexing (the POSIX
> select(2) system call).

there you go. thank you.

> Cheers,
> - Alex
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