Hi Edwin,

> what's the best way to go about autogenerated keys for Pilog? i've
> been digging around a bit and can't find anything related.

Hmm, I am not sure what that is. You mean something along autogenerated
keys in JDBC? I find

   JDBC's auto-generated keys feature provides a way to retrieve values
   from columns that are part of an index or have a default value

In the PicoLisp DB there are no keys used to "join tables". Instead,
objects are directly linked, i.e. they refer to each other (in
properties) by "containing" other objets, or lists of objects.

The relation maintenance classes for that are '+Link' and '+Joint'.

In fact, there is a function 'genKey' which generates keys, but this is
different from how I understand the above autogenerated keys. 'genKey'
simply returns a new number not yet existent in an index.

Can you give an example what you'd like to do?

- Alex
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