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> Hi Edwin,
>> what's the best way to go about autogenerated keys for Pilog? i've
>> been digging around a bit and can't find anything related.
> Hmm, I am not sure what that is. You mean something along autogenerated
> keys in JDBC? I find
>   JDBC's auto-generated keys feature provides a way to retrieve values
>   from columns that are part of an index or have a default value
>   assigned
> In the PicoLisp DB there are no keys used to "join tables". Instead,
> objects are directly linked, i.e. they refer to each other (in
> properties) by "containing" other objets, or lists of objects.

check. another insight. thank you.

> The relation maintenance classes for that are '+Link' and '+Joint'.
> In fact, there is a function 'genKey' which generates keys, but this is
> different from how I understand the above autogenerated keys. 'genKey'
> simply returns a new number not yet existent in an index.

i think this hits the nail squarely.

> Can you give an example what you'd like to do?

suppose there is a song entitled "evergreen". one was sung by barbra
streisand, the other by will young. different lyrics, but same song

i'd like to use SongTitle as a key, but it won;t cut it, as in the
example above. so i have to revert to something like an autoincrement

this is it! thank you.

> Cheers,
> - Alex
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