Hi Tomas,

On Thu, Apr 7, 2011 at 2:55 PM, Tomas Hlavaty <t...@logand.com> wrote:
>> i'm currently using java.wl to understand which methods from the C
>> implementation can be implemented in pure picolisp.
> That was my aim when I wrote wl.  The file wl.java contains minimal java
> core.  You can have a look at java.wl file.  It contains lisp code to
> implement most of the picolisp functions.

check. was poring over this for quite some time.

> Currently, it is not possible to implement many of the picolisp standard
> library functions in pure picolisp because some low level mechanism is
> missing from the C code.  IIRC it's mainly about adding version of basic
> functions that would evaluate arguments.  These are called with the dot
> character at the end of the name in the wl code I think.

i'll check these out. was actually wondering what the dots were for. :)

> Hope it helps.

indeed this does.

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