Hi Edwin,

> (wishful thinking: alternative syntax for representing transient
> symbols without embedded spaces. maybe something like \xxx)

Yeah, that's something I'm missing too. Transient symbols which
represent not just strings simply look ugly.

In fact, there exists something along that line, though not really a
"syntax" in the traditional sense: Transient symbol markup.

This is something tc.rucho and I were experimenting with for quite a
while. You can see it going in and out over the years if you search for
'*Tsm' in CHANGES.

In the end (since 3.0.6) we disabled it by default, as it caused too
much confusion. But the mechanics for *Tsm are still in the system
(doc/refT.html#*Tsm). You can switch in on by loading "lib/tsm.l":

   $ ./p lib/tsm.l +


   $ ./dbg lib/tsm.l

Transient symbol markup causes transient symbols to be displayed in an
underlined font on the console, without the double quotes. Once you get
used to it, it is a nice thing. The drawback is that it is difficult to
be supported in most editors (tc.rucho implemented some support for it
in emacs, and partially in vim).

- Alex
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