Hello List,
besides being on the road I keep studying PicoLisp a bit, and I´m trying to
understand the openGL library.
It seems almost too easy to be true, but I still have a few questions:

1. Is that a complete integration of OpenGL into PicoLisp, or just a partial
integration of the most usefull functions and constants? I don´t know
nothing about OpenGL, but it seems to be huge, and for example looking up
the GLUT library I found 19 callback functions, while there are only 8 in
the openGL lib.

2. I don´t understand the constant definitions, for example:
(def 'GLUT_RGB          (hex "0000"))
What is that hex value standing for, and how is it choosen for the
respective OpenGL constant?

When back home, I would like to write similar PicoLisp libraries for GRASS
GIS and maybe R  (although its huge) - it doesn´t seem too dificult, and
would be very useful.


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