Hi Edwin,

> 1) why a symbol needs a name (isn't this the one in the
> internal/transient hash already?)

No. The symbol table contains no names. It consists only of pointers to
the individual symbols.

Storing the name in the symbol table would be an option, but has two

   1. What to do with symbols that are currently not stored in any
      table, like most strings?

   2. When the name of a symbol is needed, the table has to be searched
      for the symbol. This may take longer than accessing the end of the
      symbol's tail.

> 2) when and how a symbol name is used

The primary purpose is I/O (locating the symbol during 'read', and
outputting the name during 'print'), but it is also used for string

> i know i'm asking a lot of questions but i really want to understand
> picolisp from all aspects that i'm capable of understanding.

No problem! I appreciate that.

- Alex
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