Hi Tomas,

> definitions into vim for editing.  Could you please remind me, where can
> I find it again?  I would like to get hold of the function prg and file
> and position where it was loaded from.  It was stored in some symbol
> property when *Dbg iirc.

Right. It is stored in the '*Dbg' property, but only if the system
was started in debug mode (i.e. with a trailing '+'):

   $ pil +

or (for a local installation)

   $ ./pil +

BTW, the local 'pil' replaced the 'p' in the current version. 'p' is a
little too cryptic, and 'pil' is compatible with the global 'pil' in

'./dbg' as an abbreviation for './pil +' will be kept for convenience,
but is not strictly required.

So when started in debug mode, the '*Dbg' property contains a
definition's filel name and line number, as returned by the 'file'

That information can be used, for example, with the 'vi' function:

   (vi 'vi)


   (vi 'car)

it also works with method definitions, if you pass the message and the

   (vi 'put> '+Entity)

- Alex
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