Hi all,

please note that with (the current testing version), a small but
critical change was introduced into the GUI.

Before, Lisp function calls could be embedded into URLs with the '@'
syntax. Examples are the 'start' and 'stop' functions in the demo

Now, '!' must be used instead of '@'. As a consequence, some existing
applications need to be fixed: All occurrences of "@someFunction" in the
GUI context must be changed to "!someFunction".

The reason for the change was that the '@' meaning "function" conflicts
with the '@' meaning "path to the installation directory". The server
tried to execute, for example, "@lib.css" as a function, instead of
sending it as a plain file to the client. This makes it effectively
impossible to use the installation path syntax in URLs.

Unfortunately, this conflict was not noticed here at 7fach, because we
_always_ run applications in a local (installation-directory relative)
setup. And default installations from the release tarball were also
strictly local.

Recently, however, PicoLisp began to appear in some Linux distributions.
Here the conflict became apparent, because the tutorial examples and
demo applications didn't run properly in a global installation where
they reside in "/usr/share/picolisp" instead of the user's current
working directory. This is resolved with the the described change.

Please excuse the inconvenience.

- Alex
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