Hi Edwin,

> i'm trying to look for an example of sorting the output of database
> queries by a given attribute.
> ...
> (class +MyClass +Entity)
> (rel date (+Date))
> ...
> and if i run a query, i'd like to sort the output, say, by increasing date.

There are two possibilities:

1. If this sorting is often necessary, you maintain an index for that

      (rel date (+Ref +Date))

   Then all queries on that attribute will directly return sorted

      (collect 'date '+MyClass)
      (collect 'date '+MyClass <fromDate> <tillDate>)

      (pilog '((db date +MyClass @M) ...) ...)

   Note, however, if 'select' is used with multiple search attributes,
   the resulting order is not defined.

2. If you need to do that only once or seldom, sort the results after
   fetching them:

   (by '((This) (: date)) sort
      (collect 'someOtherAttribute '+MyClass) )

   This has the disadvantage that first all results must be fetched, of
   course, before they can be sorted.

- Alex
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