Hi Edwin,

> eyan@faya $ $(/bin/pwd)/p lib/test.l -bye +
> [test/lib.l:5] !? (port T 4444)
> IP bind error: Address already in use

Oh, I see. This are the unit tests, and it is the place where it tries
to bind to a UDP port.

So it seems the UDP handling of PicoLisp doesn't work under Mac OS (and
OpenBSD, where Mac OS is derived from, iirc).

In the past, we have tested it a lot under FreeBSD, and couldn't see any
problems with that.

Is there anybody who can debug it under Mac OS or OpenBSD?

> btw, if it is significant, i'm sticking with 3.0.5. i tried this with
> the current version too and it's the same story.

No problem, I think. The network stuff didn't change recently.

What comes to my mind, though: PicoLisp is not IPv6 ready yet (see
previous discussions here). Could this be a reason?

- Alex
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