Hi Jakob,

> I thougt PicoLisp used its' own assembler?

Well, yes and no.

The assembly language PicoLisp is written in, is "its' own". It is
described in "http://software-lab.de/doc64/asm"; (language and virtual
CPU architecture).

The build procedure (triggered by the script "src64/mkAsm") translates
the sources in that assembly language to GNU's assembly language.

The GNU 'as' in turn is very portable. This still implies, however, that
for a new architecture some porting effort is necessary. Architecture
dependent files must be written, residing in the "src64/arch/" and
"src64/sys/" directories.

In case of MacOS, we can use the existing "src64/arch/x86-64.l", though.

- Alex
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