Hi Doug,

> We have golog in pilog.  Er, I think :-)  If not we're pretty dang close.

Cool! :)

> With miniPicoLisp at 100 to 150k (depending on platform, build
> options, etc.) and with pilog + golog loaded, it has to be the smallest
> footprint golog (with a respectable prolog and lisp under the hood),
> around. Might be right for embedded systems, I'm thinking.

If space is an issue, you might consider decreasing CELLS in
"mini/src/pico.h". It determines the heap allocation size. It is
currently (1024*1024/sizeof(cell)) = 1 MByte.

At startup, the first heap is allocated, so the minimum runtime size is
1 MByte. In the very first PicoLisp versions on the Mac it was only 32
kBytes, because the memory manager in the Mac toolbox didn't allow for
larger sizes.

So it doesn't harm to decrease CELLS. The only point where it matters is
the 'heap' function, as it counts the number of heaps and implicitly
multiplies it by 1 MB. This function must be adjusted then.

- Alex
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