re: the 24jul10 comment: "The more of the higher-numbered problems... are 
really typical Prolog problems! All of them involve recursive searches in some 
solution space." 

Then perhaps picolisp's Prolog (pilog) would be ideal?  I'm always happy to see 
pilog examples.   

(BTW - Many people might not realise the heart of pilog, the prove function, is 
written in C and seems very fast. For some prolog applications, it may be fast 
or faster than compiled prologs - would like to see some benchmarks to 
investigate that feeling. But for years, I was under the false impression that 
pilog was completely written in lisp and so pilog programs were doubly 
interpreted, but I was wrong: the heart of the pilog interpreter is C.) 

I'm searching for a pilog A* (Astar) implementation example these days. :-] 




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