Hi Henrik,

> I just noticed that external symbols are only accessible in a forked
> http server instance if they are directly stored in a variable, e.g.
> (setq *Obj (db ... )), however if they are stored in a global list
> they seem to be inaccessible or?

Sorry, it looks like I don't understand the question.

In general, a forked child process inherits everything from the parent,
including all symbols (intern, transient and extern) and data structures
global and local variable bindings, properties etc.

What do you mean with "inaccessible"? Fetching them with a lisp function
like 'db' or 'collect', and/or with Pilog predicates?

Also the state of the cache is passed to the child, i.e. symbols fetched
by the parent, and thus currently resident in memory, are also found
resident by the child.

- Alex
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