Hi Edwin,

> reading the docs again after this, (let) evaluates while (bind) does
> not. i hope i got that right.

I think it's the other way round, see bellow 'up' and 'up.'.

> i see. but i still have to experience them firsthand. looking at the
> java.wl, you have (up.) and (if.).


   (up [cnt] sym ['val]) -> any


   (up. ['cnt] 'sym ['val]) -> any

I think that 'up' can be implemented on top of 'up.'.  I tried that in
java.wl but in the end I kept it implemented in java for some reason.

> i'm actually in the process of skinning minipicolisp to retain the wl
> functions

That's an excelent exercise;-)

Some time ago somebody suggested very neat implementation of 'let' using
function application (it's archived on this mailing list).  In the
spirit of wl, i.e. minimal native code and as much as possible in lisp,
it would be good to use that instead of native 'let', 'let?' and 'bind'.


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