Hi Henrik,

> I haven't done anything yet, all 64bit testing has been done locally to see
> first what happens.
> So I try and rebuild live then and we see what happens, I load with pool and
> then just call rebuild, is that it?

As I understood it, you started out with an empty DB on 64-bits, right?
So for that one no rebuilding is required.

If you want to port the old DB from 32-bits to 64-bits, you should first
try to rebuild the index which gave an error, then run 'dbCheck' again,
and only run the routines in "lib/db32-64.l" after everything looks

Yes, 'rebuild' should be called in a single-user situation, after
calling 'pool' (or simply 'main' without 'go'). 'rebuild' does call
'commit' by itself, so changes will be immediately manifest.

- Alex
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