Hi Tomas,

> Also, as we discussed on IRC, it would be nice to have the namespace
> name displayed in the repl prompt, e.g. via customizable prompt
> function as you suggested.

Oops, right. Forgot about that.

I would suggest a new global variable '*Prompt', which may hold an
'exe', so that

   (setq *Prompt '(symbols))

will result in a prompts


The ':' is supplied automatically, and - as before - changes to '!' in
breakpoints, '?' in error handlers '+' in stopped subprocesses and '>'
in sub-REPLs.

BTW, yesterday I added one more namespace-related function: 'local'. It
is intended to be used in modules, to make symbols explicitly local to
the current namespace.

For example, take a case like Henrik had before, where he wanted to
define a special version of 'match'. This symbol already exists in the
'pico' namespace, and should not be redefined. Then, we could write:

   (symbols 'strLib 'pico)

   (local match)

   (de match (Pat Data)
      ... )

You can then call it as

   (strLib~match Pattern Data)

The old 'match' function is available as before, as 'match', or

'local' is just a frontend to 'zap'. So

   (local bar foo mumble)

is the same as

   (mapc zap '(bar foo mumble))

but it is more readable, and makes the intentions more clear.

- Alex
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