Hi all,

finally it seems that we have IPv6 support in PicoLisp! :)

Readers of this list will remember that I tried it more than a year ago,
hit upon some problems, and abandoned the issue.

During the last few days, however, I tackled it again. And, to my
surprise, everything seems to work! I don't have an IPv6 connection to
the internet yet, but tested it locally as far as possible.

If anybody cares to try it, please let me know the results. I have
released a new testing version, and pushed the changes to the repo.

All networking functions are now IPv6 internally, but should also
support IPv4 connections. This is done with hybrid "mapped addresses". A
drawback might be that some operating systems (like OpenBSD) don't
support that dual mode. In such cases, IPv6 (but not IPv4) should work.

Unfortunately, OpenSSL doesn't seem to support IPv6 yet. For that
reason, the 'httpGate' and 'ssl' utilities are not fully ported yet, and
support IPv6 only for the non-encrypted connections.

- Alex
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