Hi Alex,

It may very well be that 'cat' cannot handle an URL, but when I try this:
(doc '+ "echo")
then I get this:

It still seems to me that this path is more relative than absolute.

I have made a tiny Mac OS X shell script that opens up a given URL using my default browser (Safari), but I think it would need an absolute URL. My current shell script looks like this:

osascript -e "open location \"$1\""


On 11/10/11 4:33 PM, Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi Jon,

I tried this (using PicoLisp C on my Mac):
(doc '+ "cat")
and got this:
cat: file:doc/ref_.html#+: No such file or directory

Does this mean that the 'doc' function requires "global installation" of
No, the installation can be global or local, it will always find the

The problem with the above is that 'cat' cannot handle an URL. What
'doc' expects is a browser. You can perhaps call

    (doc '+ 'safari)

or set the environment variable BROWSER so some executable.

- Alex

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