Hi Jon,

> It may very well be that 'cat' cannot handle an URL, but when I try this:
> (doc '+ "echo")
> then I get this:
> file:doc/ref_.html#+

Yes, that's right. 'echo' doesn't try to open its argument(s), but sends
them to stdout.

> It still seems to me that this path is more relative than absolute.

As for all files in PicoLisp, this depends on how the interpreter is
invoked. I have global and local installations here. So if I try the
global one,

   $ pil +
   : (doc '+ "echo")
   -> T

or a local installation with relative

   $ ./pil +
   : (doc '+ "echo")
   -> T

or global pathes

   $ /usr/abu/pico/pil +
   : (doc '+ "echo")
   -> T

I always get the correct path.

- Alex
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