Henrik Sarvell <hsarv...@gmail.com>

> Thorsten I'm afraid we're two monkeys in a spaceship with this.

what is quite strange, since it is such a nice combination. I have a bit
experience with NetBeans and Java, and with hindsight that combination
appears really primitive to me. 

> The above code is basically just ripped from Xah Lee's article:
> http://xahlee.org/emacs/emacs_lookup_ref.html
> Read Xah's stuff carefully and maybe it will help you, note the
> (w3m-browse-url myurl) call in his second code listing.

that would have been easier, I reached the following solution with some

| '(browse-url-browser-function (lambda (url &optional new) (w3m-browse-url url 

maybe I should drop the final 't' (new session), I will try that. 

> Basically everything in my whole emacs series is just copy paste from
> other people's code.
> I have attached my config for complete reference in case you want to
> take a look.

thanks, thats definitely helpfull, I read your emacs+picolisp posts, but
I'm still not yet there... some work ahead. 

BTW, did you ever try to just start emacs with 

| emacs -fg wheat -bg black
that looks quite nice, and is much more readable then most of the
color-themes in my opinion. 


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