Hi Henrik,

> Not much to it, I do things "old school" ie I put the download in
> /opt/picolisp and simply cd there in a shell and do: ctags -e -R
> --languages=-JavaScript,-PHP,-C,-Make,-HTML
> This will recursively loop through all the folders and generate tags
> for everything, for instance all my projects in /opt/picolisp/projects
> and the standard library in /opt/picolisp/lib

I see. However, I would see some problems with that:

- 'ctags' doesn't know how to handle the Lisp level functions like '*/',
  and their connection to 'doMulDiv'.

- In the folders may be several files that contain a (de foo (..) ..),
  and 'ctags' doesn't know which are loaded in the current project.

- 'ctags' cannot resolve methods with the same name for different
  classes, and associate each of them with its class.

If you simply let the PicoLisp runtime do it, you have it all in the
right place.

- Alex
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