Hi Thorsten,

> ,-----------------------------------------------------------------
> | visit-tags-table-buffer:                                        
> | File /home/tj1/bin/picoLisp/src64/tags is not a valid tags table
> `-----------------------------------------------------------------
> Is that ctags or etags or something else what 'vi' uses? 

Yes, so this seems indeed to be te case.

> ...
> If 'vi' uses (exuberant) ctags, it seems you could produce an etags TAGS
> file for emacs by simply running 'ctags -e'. 

There must surely be a way.

Then the easiest would probably be (if the intention is anyway to write
an emacs version of 'vi'), to modify this part of 'vi'

      (out (tmp "tags")
         (let D (pack (pwd) "/")
            (for This (sort (all))
               (let? P (path (: *Dbg 1 -1))
                     (unless (= `(char "/") (char P)) D)
                     (: *Dbg 1 1) ) ) ) ) )

to output an emacs compatible format.

- Alex
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