Hi all,

many thanks for all your replies!

First of all, I must apologize. I did not want to blame the community.

But, on the other hand, Henrik is right. Though I don't agree with his
original argument about the lack of libraries, PicoLisp is indeed dead
at least in one important way. My personal survival depends on PicoLisp
-- not so much on how it is liked by programmers, but on how it is
accepted by potential customers (for project work). Spreading the news
that PicoLisp can't be used because there are no libraries is quite
devastating, but also without that, acceptance for project work didn't
improve during the ten years since PicoLisp went public.

Please don't worry about the future of the language itself. I will
continue to develop and use it in my own projects as before. But I must
invest more time into my own economic survival.

Again, many many thanks!

- Alex
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