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* Jon Kleiser <jon.klei...@usit.uio.no> [120124 21:14]:
> With the ImageNoise script file in some other directory than the
> "picoLisp", where the "ersatz" and "tmp" are, then I get
> "ClassNotFoundException: ImageNoise"; otherwise it works as intended. Is
> it possible to modify the ImageNoise code so that the location of this
> file is not so critical? If that is not easy, then I think it would be a
> good idea to write a few words on this at the rosettacode.org/wiki.

Have you tried setting the classpath to also point to the picolisp
Ersatzlisp? Either the -classpath or the environment variable should
work. Other java apps have got the same problem and usually work
around it by some trampoline script.

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