Hi Joe,

> Thanks for the response! Here's the output from trace. It's neat to
> see, but I don't know enough to interpret it:

OK, this looks helpful (a little ;)

If I intermix the previous code with the trace output in the editor
(not just in mind as usual), I get:

   (de handler (Request Response)
      (java Response 'close) )

   (setq Cont
      (interface "org.simpleframework.http.core.Container" 'handle handler) )
    interface : "org.simpleframework.http.core.Container" handle ((Request 
Response) (java Response 'close))
    interface = $$Proxy0

'interface' is called with the strng "org..", the symbol 'handle', and
the list ((Request Response) (java Response 'close)).

FYI: The output of 'trace' shows a line with ':' when a function/method is
entered, and a line with '=' after the function returned.

So we see that 'interface' here returns an object '$$Proxy0'.

   (setq Con
      (java "org.simpleframework.transport.connect.SocketConnection" T Cont) )
    java : "org.simpleframework.transport.connect.SocketConnection" T $$Proxy0
    java = $SocketConnection

'Con' is set to an object '$SocketConnection'

   (setq Addr (java "java.net.InetSocketAddress" T 8005))
    java : "java.net.InetSocketAddress" T 8005
    java = $InetSocketAddress

and 'Addr' to an '$InetSocketAddress'

   (java Con 'connect Addr)
    java : $SocketConnection connect $InetSocketAddress
    java = $InetSocketAddress

Looks all right so far. Now:

   :  java : $ResponseEntity close
   !? (5 $4354460 $3195425)
   java.lang.IllegalAccessException: Class PicoLisp$Number can not access a 
   of class org.simpleframework.http.core.ResponseEntity with modifiers "public"

This must have happened in the body of 'handler'. We don't have a clear
trace of what happened in between. But we see that 'java' is called with
and object '$ResponseEntity' (i.e. 'Response' is bound to that object)
and the symbol 'close'

   (java Response 'close)

Hmm, I don't know. Is the handler, and the way it is installed, correct?

- Alex
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