Alex, Tomas, Axel (and all other picolisp coders out there),

Another newbie question here, this time using (symbols) inside a function.

The intention behind the code (see below) is pretty simple. (mk) will
create a new namespace (well, a new symbol table), and (dset) should
set a variable in a specified namespace.

+ even though (dset) switches the active symbol table with (symbols Dict-ns)
+ and (symbols) returns <Dict-ns> as the active symbol table
+ but the variable |Key| is still only set in the pico symbol table

Some questions (in addition to the obvious "why isn't this working?"):

1) What am I doing wrong when I'm trying to (setq) the variable?

2) is there a way to create a new symbol-table/namespace without it
becoming the active one?

3) is there a way to check if a symbol is interned, without actually
interning it and setting it to NIL (if it didn't previously exist).
Basically, some way to do (interned? 'sym) => T/NIL .

4) is there a way to concatenate two symbol-names together, without
creating a transient symbol? (symbol+ 'foo 'bar) => 'foobar

As always, thanks in advance :)

### code (dicts2.l)
(de mk X
  # switch back to orig ns, after creating new ns
  (symbols (symbols (car X) 'pico)) )

(de dset X
  (let (
         Dict-ns (car X)
         # switch to Dict-ns
         Orig-ns (symbols Dict-ns)
         Key (cadr X)
         Value (eval (caddr X)) )
    (prinl (pack "Current namespace is " (symbols)))
    (prinl (pack "Setting " Key " to " Value))
    (eval (list 'setq Key Value))
    (symbols Orig-ns)
    (prinl (pack "Current namespace is " (symbols))) ))

(mk Dc)
(dset Dc k1 (pack (time) " elapsed seconds"))
(prinl (pack "pico~k1 => " pico~k1))
(prinl (pack "Dc~k1 => " Dc~k1))

### output
# note: this is with (de *Prompt (pack (symbols) " λ"))

pico λ: (load "/home/imran/src/picolisp/labs/dicts2.l")
Current namespace is Dc
Setting k1 to 17820 elapsed seconds
Current namespace is pico
pico~k1 => 17820 elapsed seconds
Dc~k1 =>

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