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Hi Jon, 
sorry for the wrong citation. And I think you are quite right - the
headline 'PicoLisp is DEAD' should have never ever come into existance,
since it now will be on the web forever, and starters always check what
the web has to say about a new language (at least I did). Probably
worse than the 'missing library' stuff. I just followed up your post
without changing the subject - a mistake. 

I think, a change in perspective would be beneficial from the business
point of view. When considering Emacs Lisp (elisp), for example, its
very hard to find somebody on the web who adores and praises it as a
programming language. Even emacs fanatics often critizise elisp.
Nevertheless, its probably the most popular lisp of all, and many people
(including me) think its fun programming in it. 

Why do writers make the effort to learn Emacs? Why do many scientists
and statiticans use Emacs as their editor? Why do people learn emacs to
organize their life with orgmode?
Because they love elisp? Rather not. Its more that the concepts of emacs
and its characteristic as a lisp interpreter makes it possible that a
few smart people write (in reasonable or even short time) amazing
emacs-modes like auctex (LaTex mode), ESS (Emacs Speaks Statistics),
orgmode, ledger, gnus, magit, and many more, that are simply better than
anything else on the market (and free of course).

So maybe rather use PL's great characteristics to build a great product
and then make money with consulting, training, implementation, and
cloud-offerings around that product, than trying to sell the language
itself? And then try to join with the emacs/orgmode community. There is
so much functionality in Emacs, its all there already, waiting to be
made accessible for 'non-experts' and used commercially (accepting the
FSF licence of course). And its all written in elisp, and the big,
dynamic and friendly Emacs/orgmode community is composed out of (e)lisp
programmers, no need to convince them that 'lisp is not about redundant

just another 2 cents ;)

> On 2/8/12 3:44 AM, Thorsten wrote:
>> Hi Alex, Hi list,
>>> >  On January 23, 2012 at 2:02 PM Jon Kleiser<>  
>>> > wrote:
>>> >  I am trying to brainstorm ways for people (Burger) to make a living
> Hi,
> Please stop "quoting" me as having written that about brainstorming.
> (You're not the first one.)
> I think it was Jakob Eriksson who wrote that.
> And please no more DEAD. Repeat it enough times, and you know what'll
> happen. ;-)
> /Jon


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