Hi Joe,

> I also tested it on IE8 (which previously did not work before your SSLv3
> change) and now I can access https://7fach.de/8080. I receive a SSL cert
> warning (as expected since it's self signed).

That's good news. So changing to v3-only might make sense. I assume that
v2 is not necessary any more (?). On the other hand, this change seems
to annoy ssllabs.com :(

> For Chrome 16.0.912 on Windows 7 I receive a Connection Reset message after
> I see the SSL cert warning (which is farther than I got before)


> I suspect my Chrome issue is related to the ssllabs.com connection reset
> problem as well


> For further troubleshooting, I fired up Fiddler (which is a windows web
> debugging proxy). When I connect to https://7fach.de/8080 with it, I also
> get the connection reset. Here's the log
> I doubt it will be helpful but wanted to share nonetheless

Not helpful, but very interesting. The output for 7fach.de and gmail.com
are very similar. Even the list of ciphers is identical, so perhaps my
latest change with SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list() was not necessary. Perhaps
it is even counterproductive, I don't really understand what I'm doing.

Thanks anyway!

- Alex
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