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Alexander Burger <a...@software-lab.de> wrote:

> Hi Mansur,
> > I've just installed fresh PL release and wiki from this link:
> > http://software-lab.de/wiki.tgz
> OK, great.
> > When I'm logged in and navigate to "Role administration", I see this
> > error in the console:
> > 
> > [wiki/role.l:6] !? (idForm "Role" '(choRole) 'nm '+Role T '(may
> > ...
> > idForm -- Undefined
> Yes, 'idForm' is a relatively new function, introduced with or
> so. It is currently in Debian unstable, or in the latest testing
> release. Sorry for the inconvenience!
> Cheers,
> - Alex

For these kinds of cases where it's not really that necessary to
upgrade picolisp for adding some minimal function I suggest a little
"idiom", a "standard" file, much like er.l, gui.l or lib.l called
"shim.l" that just has the copy&pasted functions that were added, or
monkey patches to others that were changed since the last "stable"
version you want to support (wrapped on conditional code on the value
returned by (version T), optionally quitting if the version is too
ancient to work at all), load it from main.l after the @lib/ modules. A
simple version check & quit is acceptable too. Something like

(unless (>= (version T) (3 0 9 3)) 
   (quit "Picolisp version or higher is required"))

It should make "installation" of apps on places with global picolisps
more convenient.

My 2¢,
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