Hi Konrad,

> I'm trying to write a newX function for a +Entity subclass and its
> behaving rather strangly. The code is as follows:
> (de newAdversary (Nm Tp Abs Spd Ht Def Arm)
> ...
> : (show '{2})
> {2} (+Adversary)
>    armour 0

This looks all right (at least on the first glance).

> however the following is a problem
> : (select +Adversary)
> -> NIL

If 'select' can't find anything, it indicates that the new object isn't
properly indexed. Can you post the E/R definition of '+Adversary'?

> if I just create an empty +Adversary with new!, then select can see it
> just fine. According to the docs new! is just a short cut for what I'm
> doing in my function, so what am I missing?

This is correct.

Note, that this can be simplified a little:

1. Both 'new' and 'new!' accept key/value arguments. Instead of

      (with (new (db: +Cls) '(+Cls))
         (=: a A)
         (=: b B)
         (=: c C)
         (commit 'upd)
         This )

   you can write

      (new (db: +Cls) '(+Cls) 'a A  'b B  'c C  ...)
      (commit 'upd)

   or even just

      (new! '(+Cls) 'a A  'b B  'c C  ...)

2. 'if' expressions in the form

      (if Cond
            (bar) )
         (mumble) )

   could be written shorter as

      (ifn Cond
         (bar) )

- Alex
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