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I have simple search form (see below) and there is one dropdown box in the form with list of predefined search filters. Is it possible to change values of other fields or even initiate search when occurs 'onchange' event of dropdown box? Should I use additional javascript code to do it?

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(de choIncident (Dst)
   (diaform '(Dst)
      (<grid> "--."
         "ID" (gui 'id '(+Focus +Var +NumField) '*IncId 10)
         (searchButton '(prog (off *IncST)
               ((= *IncFilter "Created today")
                  (setq *IncDate (date)) )
               ((= *IncFilter "Active")
                  (setq *IncST '(0 . 2)) ) )
            (init> (: home query))) )
         "Date" (gui 'dt '(+Var +DateField) '*IncDate 20)
         (resetButton '(id dt (flt . "All") query))
         "Filter" (gui 'flt '(+Var +Init +TextField) '*IncFilter "All"
            '("All" "Created today" "Active"))
      (gui 'query '(+QueryChart) (cho)
               @ID *IncId
               @DT *IncDate
               @ST *IncST
               (select (@@)
                  ((id +Incid @ID) (d +Incid @DT) (stat +Incid @ST))
                  (same @ID @@ id) (same @DT @@ d) (range @ST @@ stat)
                  ) ) )
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