Thanks for all the hard work.  It is much appreciated.  

I have a simple question about webscraping.  I hope I am posting it to
the right place.

I played around with the example on

(load "@lib/http.l")
(client "" 80 "cgi-bin/"
   (when (from "<BR>")
      (pack (trim (till "U"))) ) )

This seems clear and I thought I understood it, but when I change it to this, 
to retrieve the title from dancecentral:

(load "@lib/http.l")

(client "" 80 "index.html"
   (when (from "<title>")
     (pack (trim (till "</title>"))) ))

it returns


These are the first two characters of the title so its been partially 
successful, and I can reproduce similar results for other urls.
I really want the entire title, not the title truncated.  

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?




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