Hi all,

as the usefulness of 'symbols' namespaces increased somewhat with the
introduction of Transient Namespaces (see my previous mail, and the
article at http://picolisp.com/5000/!wiki?transientNamespaces), I've
also added 'symbols' and related functions to Ersatz PicoLisp.

It is available in the current testing release

Regarding the question of also supporting namespaces in pil32:

Unfortunately, this is not so easy, because in pil32 the symbol lookup
mechanism for transient, internal and external symbols is a C-level data
structure (hash table), and not a first class datatype as in pil64
('idx' tree). In Ersatz it is a _kind_ of first class type, because the
java.util.HashMap is used, and Java objects are first class in Ersatz

It would require a thorough rewrite of pil32, which I don't dare to do
at the moment as this might break too many production systems.

- Alex
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