Here is a simplified test reproducing my problem:

(class +Content +Entity)
(rel data (+Number))
(rel containers (+List +Joint) contents (+Container))

(class +Container +Entity)
(rel data (+Number))
(rel contents (+List +Joint) containers (+Content))

(pool "/tmp/test.db")

(setq objContainer
      data 52 ) )

(setq objContent
      data 25 ) )

   (append (; 'objContent containers) objContainer) )

(show objContent)
(show objContainer)

(zap objContainer)
(show objContent)

A +Content can be linked to multiple +Container.
I was expecting to be able to remove the +Container and then, later, look for +Content with 'containers empty to remove them.
Obviously, my way does not work.

Please consider that I'm very new to picolisp (and to lisp more generally) so I may make basic mistakes.

Laurent ARTAUD
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