Hi Joe,

thanks for sharing this!

> Please forgive any style issues

The style looks perfect! :)

A minor issue might be the '+Choice' argument in

> (setq Oats (new NIL '+Choice 'capital 18 'labor 2 'revenue 55))
> (setq Corn (new NIL '+Choice 'capital 36 'labor 6 'revenue 125))

It looks like a class (due to the '+' convention), but if Oats and Corn
are supposed to be objects, then the class(es) must be a list. So I
would suggest

   (setq Oats (new '(+Choice) 'capital 18 'labor 2 'revenue 55))
   (setq Corn (new '(+Choice) 'capital 36 'labor 6 'revenue 125))

This is ok even if no class '+Choice' is defined, as the code doesn't
use any OO-message-passing (yet).

- Alex
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