On Wed, Sep 05, 2012 at 09:34:10AM +0200, Alexander Burger wrote:
> I don't have the time at the moment to investigate it further. I hope I
> can fix it this evening.

We need just to insert a call to closedir(). I've uploaded a fix to the
code repository.

As I'm in the process of other changes, I don't want to provide a new
testing release at the moment. If you need a quick fix, please insert a
single line in "src64/main.l" and re-assemble the binary:

   >          cc closedir(Z)  # Close directory

I.e. the context is

         cc readdir(Z)  # Find first directory entry
         null A  # OK?
         if z  # No
            cc closedir(Z)  # Close directory  <-- NEW
   10       ld E Nil  # Return NIL
            pop Z
            pop X
         lea E (A D_NAME)  # Pointer to name entry
         cmp X Nil  # flg?
      while eq  # Yes

- Alex
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