Hi José,

> Because the world wasn't weird enough already I took the liberty to

Bravo! That's a valid idea ;)

Let me suggest two small changes:

> (de prog+ "Prg"
>    (use ("Thunk" "Ret" "L")
>       (setq "Thunk" "Prg" "Ret" NIL)
>       (while

Did you have any special reason for 'use'? Otherwise I would use 'let':

(de prog+ "Prg"
   (let ("Thunk" "Prg"  "Ret" NIL  "L" NIL)

The call to 'seek'

>    (seek '[(X) (= (car X) "L")] "Prg")

can in this case be replaced by member:

   (member "L" "Prg")

- Alex
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