Hi Henrik,

> Hi, I've attached a small complete web app, I don't know if it's

Cool! Thanks!

> Unpack for in for instance picolisp/projects and start with pil
> projects/xml-pretty/main.l -go and browse to
> http://localhost:8080/!start

To make it usable in any directory where you simply unpacked the
tarball, I would change the first line to

   (load "@lib/misc.l" "@lib/http.l" "@lib/xhtml.l" "@lib/xml.l")

I would not load "dbg.l" and "lib/debug.l", because is is better to load
them implicitly with the '+' command line flag. Only '+' switches fully
to debug mode.

If unpacked in an arbitrary directory, the '*BP' variable can
be omitted. You can simply start it as

   $ pil main.l -go

or (for local installations) to

   $ /path/to/pil main.l -go

The (setq *CSS ...) line must be (setq *Css ...)

Note that in the string

   "Note that this tool ... <br><br> ..."

the two <br>'s don't work in the current version any longer, as they are
(as correctly pointed out by José) now escaped. Instead, write:

   (<div> NIL
      "Note that this tool so far only works with XML, HTML can also be handled 
but with unexpected results."
      "Paste ugly XML/HTML here:" )

- Alex
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