Hi Shaun,

> Copying openGl.l, I make a (def 'BLAH (hex "1234")) for each SDL
>     constant that I'm using; the thing is that when I evaluate the same
>     define, picolisp segfaults.  It doesn't happen if I define another
> ...
> Now I'm still learning Pico, so it wouldn't surprise me if this is
>     expected behavior, due to concepts about transients that I don't get
>     yet.

Indeed, I can reproduce that. Congratulations, you found a bug in the
64-bit version!

And you are right, this is not what is to be expected. ;)

It doesn't happen in the 32-bit or Java versions. Let me trace it down.
It seems that pil64 is not yet tested thoroughly enough.

- Alex
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