Hi Thorsten,

> "<Alt>V" (M-V or M-S-v in Emacs)
> "<Ctrl><ALT>V" (C-M-V or C-M-S-v in Emacs)
> instead of something like this ("<Ctrl>V"):

Unfortunately, this is not directly possible.

Alt/Meta key combinations have no representation in ASCII or UTF-8.
Instead, they are generated as events by the runtime system, where key
events may have certain bits set for modifier keys.

As such, they are very system-dependent. External libraries like
'termcap/terminfo' or 'curses' can be used to handle them.

BTW, this is one of the reasons why the PicoLisp line editor uses a
'vi'-style user interface. It needs only ASCII-keys.

- Alex
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