Hi Alex,

I was just about to compare pil32 and pil64emu using the fibo function of misc/fibo.l, when I discovered that the results returned by fibo and cachedFibo where too high! (I haven't checked the other functions in misc/fibo.l) E.g. (fibo 8) returns 34, while that should have been the result of (fibo 9). The bugs in fibo and cachedFibo are in lines 6 and 30 where "(if (> 2 N)" should have been "(if (>= 2 N)". When this "=" got lost I don't know, but in picoLisp-2.3.5 these things are correct.

The bugs are here as well: <http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Fibonacci_sequence#PicoLisp>


Something else:
The function 'bench' seems not to be available in pil32 and pil64emu. Why not make it available?

I tried to start pil64emu this way: bin/picolisp misc/fibo.l
.. but that gave me a "Segmentation fault".

Have a nice weekend!

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