Hi Thorsten,

> Maybe there could be a
> 1. global switch '*Vi' that is true by default, and
> 2. a function '(de Toggle-Vi...)' that toggles that switch, and
> 3. three modes: Command, Insert, EInsert 
> or 
> 3. two modes Command and Insert, with much Command functionality
> duplicated in Insert

Perhaps it is better to keep the two editors separate? This would make
changes and extensions more modular.

> maybe one could actually have two additional library files 'eled.l' and
> 'eedit.l', not change anything in 'led.l' and 'edit.l', and simply


> insert conditional statements in the startscripts and the functions that
> load the libraries? I.e., add 'eled.l' and 'eedit.l' to the PicoLisp

I would use the names "vled.l" and "eled.l", and have a symbolic link
"led.l" to one of those. In that way, no changes to the rest of the
system are necessary.

- Alex
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