Hi Jon,

> It builds more or less as before, and it's still got problems
> loading .l files (on my Mac):
> f3bmac3:picoLispEmu jkleiser$ (cd src64; make)
> emu.base.c: In function ‘run’:
> emu.base.c:42115: warning: format not a string literal and no format
> arguments

OK, this is correct. It is a warning which doesn't make sense here
(printf called dynamically). It could be switched off

> strip: symbols referenced by indirect symbol table entries that
> can't be stripped in: /Volumes/P3/picoLispEmu/lib/ext
> _exit
> _fwrite
> make: *** [../lib/ext] Error 1

I see. Then it is perhaps better not to strip the shared libraries at
all? I remove the lines

   $(STRIP) $(lib)/ext
   $(STRIP) $(lib)/ht

from src64/Makefile.

Does anybody know a better solution?

> f3bmac3:picoLispEmu jkleiser$ ./bin/picolisp
> : (== 64 64)
> -> T
> : *CPU
> -> "emu"

Good :)

> : (load "misc/fibo.l")
> [lib/native.l:31] !? (** 2 32)
> ** -- Undefined
> ?
> : (bye)

It seems you started only "bin/picolisp", right? '**' is defined in
"lib.l", so at least "bin/picolisp lib.l" must be started.

As ever, the recommended way is "./pil +".

> f3bmac3:picoLispEmu jkleiser$ ./bin/picolisp misc/fibo.l
> [misc/fibo.l:38] !? (load "@lib/native.l")
> "@lib/native.l" -- Open error: No such file or directory

Same reason here. If the first argument is not correctly set up
(typically "lib.l"), then the path to the installation directory (to be
used by '@..') is missing.

So "./pil +" should be the first thing to try.

- Alex
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