The problem is that 'rot' is a "destructive" function, i.e. it modifies
its list argument. You could use 'copy' to avoid this.

I would write

    (de split-number (N)
       (mapcar format (chop N)) )

    (de all-rotations (N)
       (let SN (split-number N)
             (do (length SN)
                (link (copy (rot SN)))
                (println SN) ) ) ) )

(two minor optimizations: 'chop' can also directly work on a number, and
'L' is not needed in the loop).

Thanks for the hint for 'chop': I didn't even consider using it on something else than a string... As for replacing the 'for' by a 'do', I will confess that I totally forgot about that one! (I did attempt a 'while' but didn't like the code I got...)

I'm ashamed to say that, after tests, I realized that I didn't need to 'link' the result of the 'rot', but '(format (pack (rot SN)))'...


Laurent ARTAUD
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