Hi Jon,

> work to make OpenGl.l a little more complete (lots missing). The problem 
> I have right now, is with glutBitmapCharacter and glutStrokeCharacter; 
> they give me "Segmentation fault", and I suspect they'll fail on Linux 
> as well.

Yes. At least 'glutStrokeCharacter' does.

I'm wondering whether (or why)

    (glutStrokeCharacter 2 (char "A"))

is correct, as the corresponding C function signature is

   void glutStrokeCharacter(void *font, int character);

i.e. '2' is a "pointer".

I faintly remember I saw this usage before (perhaps in your OpenGl /
ErsatzLisp code?), and it seems passing '2' as a pointer is legal use.
But then I have no idea why it crashes.

- Alex
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