Alex, thanks for the feedback!

This is my first time running lintAll - great suggestion!

It looks like it's suggesting that I have a bunch of unbound variables.
Probably because I don't have my globals prefixed with * which is against
the naming convention.

Is that a correct high level interpretation? I tested it by replacing Model
with *Model and those warnings went away.



(((revise> . +Date) (def datStr expDat))
((print> . +Date) (def datStr))
(section (def Func) (bnd X Subview Model Func))
(testRender (def Section NonSection Name) (bnd Names Model Tree))
(addCell (bnd Cur RootPtr CurType))
(update (def set!>))
(select (def goal))
(testParse (def Section Name) (bnd Names Model Expected Template Html))
(_update (def put!> mis>))
(context (def Func) (bnd Model Func))
(parse (bnd Cur RootPtr Root)))

I think I understand the warnings on the test* functions too. Definitely a
good idea to run before publishing a library for others. thanks!

On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 1:31 PM, Alexander Burger <>wrote:

> Hi Joe,
> > I've created a mustache (a template system) implementation in PicoLisp.
> > You can find it here:
> Nice! :)
> > I'm very interested in feedback on the implementation and the usefulness
> of
> > it.
> Concerning the implementation, there are a few glitches. I'd recommend
> to call
>    : (lintAll)
> in debug mode, and then fix the diagnoses one by one ;-)
> ♪♫
> - Alex
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