Hi Joe,

> Hi Alex, I revisited my code based on your reply. I like the con/cons
> approach and developed a small helper class. I'm sharing here in case
> others find it helpful:


> (class +AppendList)
> (dm T () (=: L (cons)))
> (dm append> (Node Parent)
>   (let L (or Parent (: L))
>   (ifn (car L)
>     (prog (set L Node) L)
>     (let (Len (length L) O (cons))
>       (con (nth L Len) O)
>       (set (nth L (inc Len)) Node)
>        O ) ) ) )
> (dm append-list> (Parent)
>   (car (append> This (cons) Parent)))
> (dm list> () (: L) )

I see. OOP (i.e. the dynamic message passing, and the space for the
object itself) has some overhead, though.

You could consider using 'fifo':

   (off L)
   (fifo 'L 'Mother 'Father)
   (fifo 'L ..)

and in the end cut it off to get a normal list:

   (prog1 (cdr L) (con L))

Another possibility might be to use 'make' and 'link' etc., but use
'made' to dynamically switch between different make-environments.

'made' is in fact not very expensive. But 'fifo' is probably the
most efficient way.

- Alex
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